A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Added crucial design competitions:

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Book CompetitionBathroom CompetitionDecoration Competition
Street Furniture CompetitionJunior CompetitionJuniors Competition
Packages CompetitionPhotography CompetitionRed* Products Competition
Pet Supplies CompetitionWatch CompetitionWatches Competition
Prosumer Products CompetitionPackaging CompetitionPriser Competition
Superior Product CompetitionAwards CompetitionYachts and Sailors Competition
Building CompetitionCosmetic Products CompetitionYoung Competition
Advertising CompetitionEuropean CompetitionGlobal Awards Competition
Manufacturers CompetitionFaculty CompetitionAbsolute Competition
Greatest Design Works CompetitionGreatest Design Pieces CompetitionAwards' Competition
For Designers CompetitionPerfect CompetitionThe Best of All Competition
Choice of Security CompetitionEnergy Products CompetitionTruck Competition
Eyewear CompetitionFinancial Instruments CompetitionEducation Competition
Medical Goods CompetitionGray Goods CompetitionRed Goods Competition
Colorful Goods CompetitionWorldsBest CompetitionDesign Submissions Competition

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